The Death Of Annie The Water Witcher By Lightning Cover

The Death Of Annie The Water Witcher By Lightning

Three years into the second millennium, Majestic, Alberta is a farm town dealing with depressed crop prices, international borders closing to Canadian beef, and a severe drought. Told through the varied voices of the townspeople and Annie herself, The Death of Annie the Water Witcher by Lightning reveals Majestic to be a complex character in its own right, both haunted and haunting.

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The Glorious Mysteries: And Other Stories

At the heart of every story in Audrey Whitson’s collection is a character seeking personal purpose amongst the deep mysteries of self, and a wholeness amid the fractious nature of life. Whitson’s evocative narration guides us effortlessly through these often turbulent journeys, seamlessly taking in a vast range of time and place along the way.

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Teaching Places

Teaching Places is a tale about one woman’s spiritual search, how that search calls her to the land and how the land teaches.

Note: The original offset print version is available for $25 plus postage from the author. Contact Audrey.

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