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19 June

Summer Solstice 2024: Land Acknowledgement

Friends and taxi drivers are always getting lost trying to find my address in Edmonton. In Boyle Street, the streets and avenues seem squished together; there are no straight lines. I used to blame it on the bend in the river. Turns out, it goes much deeper than that. As we approach this National Indigenous […]

18 March

Spring Equinox 2024: The Thing with Feathers

You know how Bell has those billboards every January that say “Let’s talk?” That’s what this blog might be titled. Only it’s not only about the mental health and grief of the individual I want to speak, but the collective. I’ve been thinking about the word “depression” lately, from my own experiences of grief and those […]

20 December

Winter Solstice 2023: Green Point

Green Point, Newfoundland and Labrador